3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans sets the buyers’ imagination run free. What if the couch was here, can we fit our bed here, what’s the purpose of this room? Colors, light, and shapes ignite people’s creativity. Could this be home?

Use 3D Floor Plan renderings to visualize an upcoming renovation or a completely new construction. We create 3D Floor Plans from a construction blueprint or a Matterport scan, and furnish them in various styles. Check out real life stories on how Blue-Sketch 3D Floor Plans sell and rent apartments before they are even built.


Brix project, Forth Worth TX
City Center Apartments, Minot, ND
1920’s remodel, Atlanta, GA
Modern studios, Denver, CO





3D Floor Plan viewed from above (90 degrees). One per each floor.



3D Floor Plan viewed from birds-eye (45 degrees). One per each floor.



Delivery includes for each floor:

  • One doll house image from birds-eye view (45 degrees)
  • One image from the top (90 degrees)
  • Three high quality 3D photos taken from human eye-level


Image specifications:

  • JPG 3000×3000 px (longer side of the image 3000px, shorter side defined by shape of the floor)
  • No measurements
  • Wall top color grey
  • Full fledged floor and wall materials
  • Lightly furnished


Price USD 119.95 per residential apartment or house. Order now in Shop. 






3D photo of Livin gRoom.


3D photo of Kitchen.


3D photo of Master Bedroom.