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Price comparisons for Virtual Staging

By 3dbluesketch | Jan 2, 2018

Following our series of North American price benchmarks in the industry, we present: Virtual Staging. We collected 9 most popular Virtual Staging services and ran a simple price comparison for how much it costs to stage 1 photo. These companies have varying backgrounds; some have been in the service for long with established reputations, some…

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Preserve and Educate with HistoryView VR

By 3dbluesketch | Dec 18, 2017

Read more about the Helston Museum   3D walk-through and 360 camera technologies are quickly becoming default in the real estate marketing business. Bill Brown, the CEO of Matterport says in an interview it’s been estimated that virtual viewing is so popular that as many as 1 in 3  home buyers buy a home they…

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Turning offices into a Garage

By 3dbluesketch | Dec 1, 2017

Our team had a challenging but fun job designing how to turn two offices into a garage. This commercial office building in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV, was built in 1989 and renovated in 1995. It features two floors, 6500 sq.ft. which are currently being used as office spaces. This project was initiated by our…

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What to look for in a Floor Plan

By 3dbluesketch | Nov 8, 2017

There are a few simple tricks to verify you are looking at a schematic floor plan that was created with attention by a professional. Let’s use this house as an example; two floors of gorgeous, spacious living and working areas with four large bedrooms, a functional mudroom, and more. You could go on verbally describing…

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Preparing Older Home for sale in Fall

By 3dbluesketch | Nov 7, 2017

  Seasons play an important role in getting a house ready for market. If you have an older home, winterizing early is all the more important because chances are your home lacks insulation at all fronts. Here are some tips from a Paul Denikin, on sealing up any drafts you may have and staying warm…

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Virtual Staging just got better

By 3dbluesketch | Oct 23, 2017

Here at Blue-Sketch quality drives everything. Quality in customer service has been widely recognized by our clients and awarded by Houzz, and we are constantly upping the quality of our products.  For the past few months we’ve been working secretly behind the scenes on improving the quality of our Virtual Staging offering. By combining a…

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Add furniture to 2D Floor Plan

By 3dbluesketch | Oct 19, 2017

Here’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the local competition: Add furniture to your 2D Floor Plans. Adding placeholder furniture to bedrooms, living room and dining room give the home buyer a better understanding of the size of each room. Plants and accessories make the place look more like a home than a simple…

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How much is a 3D Floor Plan?

By 3dbluesketch | Oct 10, 2017

  Earlier this fall we ran a benchmark study on prices for schematic 2D Floor Plans in North America (to save a click, it’s around $300 for a typical residential house). This week we’re looking at the prices of 3D Floor Plans, again in the North American market with one Australian guest of honor. We’re…

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360 degree view within a 3D Floor Plan

By 3dbluesketch | Sep 28, 2017

We’re so excited about this new feature: Now you can add a 360 degree view from inside a room that doesn’t even exist yet. When we create the 3D Floor Plan we give you five images with the default package: a 3D Floor Plan viewed from above, a 3D Floor Plan viewed from birds-eye view,…

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