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Value of a floor plan

By 3dbluesketch | Sep 21, 2017

  Blue-Sketch is selling 2D Floor Plans for USD 49.95, less re-seller discounts for recurring clients such as Matterport photographers. Is this price point expensive or cheap? Let’s take a look.   2D Floor plans and quality Floor plan is a digital product which can be created  by anyone with a computer, internet and the…

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Lofts by the Lake

By 3dbluesketch | Sep 16, 2017

  Lofts by the Lake is a unique building project creating 97 loft style apartments to an old cotton mill, situated by the beautiful Apalache Lake in Greer, SC. The setting in nature allows tenants to enjoy kayaking, fishing and other outdoor sports, as well as enjoy the outdoor kitchen or rooftop observation deck to…

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Matterport and Blue-Sketch schematic floor plans

By 3dbluesketch | Sep 13, 2017

  As a Matterport service provider you can order your floor plans from many sources, including Matterport itself. Here at Blue-Sketch we are not competing against any one company in particular, we are competing for our clients’ trust by delivering quality products in a timely manner. However, since we are asked about this constantly, we…

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Antonio Saura Foundation Museum

By 3dbluesketch | Jul 21, 2017

  The Antonio Saura Foundation Museum Casa Zavala opened its doors in Cuenca in February 2008 with the intention of becoming an art center that would not only exhibit a selection of works by the creator that gives it its name but also foster other contemporary artistic initiatives.   We have the pleasure to work…

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Average house size

By 3dbluesketch | Jul 12, 2017

We ran statistics on the 2D Floor Plans created at Blue-Sketch between January and June 2017. The average size was 3489 sq.ft. (324 m2) and average number of floors was 2.12. The smallest floor plan was 387 sq.ft. This is a 36 square meter apartment on 96 Avenue Henri Martin in Paris, France. The place was undergoing…

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How to take good photos for Virtual Staging

By 3dbluesketch | Jul 10, 2017

According to a NAR 2015 study, staging homes can increase the sales price from 1% up to 5%. So why not consider Virtual Staging. For an investment of a few hundred dollar the potential revenue can be in thousands.   So what kind of photos can be virtually staged? Professional real estate photographer will know how to…

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Measurement matters

By 3dbluesketch | Jul 6, 2017

  “In many spheres of human endeavor, from science to business to education to economic policy, good decisions depend on good measurement”.   I was updating our front page and came across this quote from Ben Bernanke. It fits perfectly to buying and selling real estate.   As a home buyer, measure your resources against your…

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Same day delivery

By 3dbluesketch | Jun 14, 2017

  Helping you meet deadlines The home seller is in a hurry, the agent is in a hurry. The listing is going live this afternoon, photographs are done, now all we need are the 2D Floor Plans… Sound familiar? We’re answering a popular demand and introducing Same Day Delivery for 2D Floor Plans. Our normal working…

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Selling Quality

By 3dbluesketch | May 17, 2017

  Competition is dumping prices, what to do? Here’s the Blue-Sketch story.   I started Blue-Sketch in February 2016, and quickly found clients through We Get Around (thank you Dan!) drawing floor plans for Matterport photographers. We charged $29.95 for a 2D Floor Plan, and the sales was growing slowly but steadily. Matterport launched their own floor…

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