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Q: What are 2D floor plans?

A: 2D floor plan is a simple image file with a blueprint image outlining the walls, doors, windows and fixed furniture of your space. It may or may not contain dimensions, and it can be black and white or colorful. Blue-Sketch creates schematic floor plans that are suitable for marketing purposes only. Our default 2D floor plan comes in taupe (heated living space), light blue (wet areas), and grey (unheated spaces).  Dimensions are shown in feet by feet or meters by meters in main rooms. We are able to generate other types of floor plans, too. Just contact us for details.


Q: What type of fixtures can you show?

A: We draw the floor plans using common floor plan drawing tools. Kitchen cabinets, stoves, bathroom fixtures, washing machines etc. are shown as icons. The icon marks the place and purpose of a fixed furniture. The floor plan icon or symbol is not meant to be an identical real-life representation of the furniture in question. The same goes for stairs. We mark staircases in rectangular, straight, or curved shape but the stair icon is meant to tell the reader the general shape, size and direction of stairs.


Q: How accurate are the dimensions and measurements?

A: All sizes and dimensions are approximate. We draw the floor plans based on dimensions received from you, and do not guarantee any specific accuracy. We do, however follow the ANSI standard and regional Real Estate Commission regulations as accurately as we possibly can. These floor plans are intended for marketing purposes only, also make sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions for limited liability. There are several entries on our blog about measurements, please read through.


Q: Can you provide the total square footage of each floor?

A: Yes. However Blue-Sketch floor plans are for marketing purposes only and sizes and dimensions are approximate. The square footage is provided as is, and we do not assume any liability on it.


Q: What is your turnaround time for floor plans?

A: 2D floor plans are delivered for next business day. We work from 9 am to 5 pm CT. All orders – including related source materials such as the Matterport scan – received by 5 pm will be delivered during the following business day. For example, an order received on Friday will be delivered to you on Monday. All orders placed over the weekend are received on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. For busy bees we are offering Same Day Delivery; if we receive the material before noon we are able to deliver the floor plan by the evening of that same weekday. Same Day Delivery fee is 100% of your order value.

A simple 3D floor plan can be delivered for next business day but with complicated cases we may need more time.


Q: Will the floor plans come with Blue-Sketch logo?

A: No, we allow you to brand your floor plans as you like and deliver them unbranded. We can also place your, or your end customer logo on the floor plan by request.


Q: Can you support metrics and other languages?

A: Yes. All of our measurement and dimension styles can be displayed in meters and centimeters. We label the rooms manually and can put room names in languages including but not limited to Spanish, French, Swedish, Finnish.


Q: What are 3D floor plans?

A: 3D floor plan is a colorful, furnished design of your space. It can be viewed from different angles, and with the right software you can even go in as an avatar and move around as if you were inside the house. It is an inspirational vision of how the space could look like. It is not an accurate representation of how the place looks like currently. Our basic 3D floor plan package comes with two still .jpg images per floor, one birds-eye view, one view from the top, and three high quality 3D photos from inside the space. We are able to generate other types of digital 3D experiences, too. Just contact us for details.


Q: Will the 3D floor plan be an accurate representation of my house?

A: The purpose of a 3D floor plan is to give a home buyer a sense of potential of a space. Furniture will tell them the function of a room, and different wall paper and floor materials may uplift the existing space. The more original photograph we will get from you, the more accurate it will be. We have some thousands of pieces of furniture and surface materials in our database, and we always try to look for the closest one to your photographs. However, as we have never been in your house and don’t have access to exactly the same furniture, windows and doors as you have, it will never be an accurate representation of the real thing.


Q: What if I don’t like my floor plan? 

A: We will make one round of correction free of charge. If there is no clear fault in the floor plan, for additional revises we will charge a fee.


Q: What is Virtual Staging?

A: Virtual stating means taking a real photograph of an existing, empty room and imposing furniture on it digitally.


Q: Are there any restrictions for the photograph to be virtually staged?

A: Typically a professional high quality DLSR photograph works best for staging. The photo should have one horizontal back wall, two corners and enough floor space visible. Horizontal photo works better than vertical. Photos taken with a cell phone camera may work if the resolution is good enough. Contact us to get a Photographer’s Guide for Virtual Staging.


Q: My photo has furniture in it. Can it still be virtually staged?

A: Yes. We offer decluttering service, price depends on the complexity of the image. Send us your photo for evaluation.


Q: Can I choose a style of furniture for my virtual staging? 

A: We currently offer three styles, Contemporary/Modern, Traditional/Rustic, and Classic/Parisian styles. Usually we select the furniture style ourselves based on the style of windows, doors, cabinets, existing lighting, etc. that we can see on the photograph.


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