Blue-Sketch reseller floor plans

Who is a Blue-Sketch Reseller?

Blue-Sketch helps real estate agents and brokers to sell bigger houses, faster, and for a higher price. If you provide photography, videography, design, or web services to real estate you may profit from reselling Blue-Sketch products and services. Become a reseller and add value to your current service offering.

What products can I sell?

Currently Blue-Sketch offers 2D Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans, Smart Tags, and Virtual Staging.


Why sell 2D Floor Plans?

  • Photographer or Matterport Service Provider: Stand out from the crowd, add more value to your service package, bundle for a higher price
  • Web Developer: Create Real Estate platforms that include a pop up Floor Plan option to attract loyal realtor customers
  • Real Estate Marketing company: Create stunning materials by including Floor Plans that fit your design philosophy


Why sell 3D Floor Plans?

  • Great for remodeling a potential fixer-upper project
  • Shows the “what-if” scenario of a space
  • Visualize an upcoming development project


What about Smart Tags, why should I offer them?

  • Brings a 2D Floor Plan to life with real photographs
  • Is a fun tool which keeps home buyers on your website longer
  • Works as a collection of best photographs of each room, giving the place an uplifted look&feel


What is the benefit of Virtual Staging?

  • Virtual Staging means imposing furniture and other decorative elements on an existing photograph
  • Great for visualizing how an empty house would look like furnished
  • Create warmth, a sense of style, or practical recommendations into a vacant space


I can find these same products from elsewhere, why should I offer Blue-Sketch?

Blue-Sketch is known for our top quality in both products as well as customer service. We are 100% dependent on your success, so we genuinely care about your business. We are always available at (917) 291 2533 or [email protected]

Our floor plans and stagings are unbranded, so you can add your logo, or your customer logo on them. Or let us add it for you. In fact, we can create a unique floor plan template that’s only used by you. Our floor plans are consistent, accurate, balanced, and esthetic, and they come with an estimate of square footage or square meters.

The Virtual Staging and 3D Floor Plan designs are created by professional interior designers, you can ask them for specific styles and colors, provide a mood-board, or just let us do the magic.


Great, but what’s in it for me?

By offering high quality products from a trusted provider you save time, money, and increase your value in your customers’ eyes. You will sleep better knowing you can trust Blue-Sketch to keep their promise.

You will receive discounts on Blue-Sketch products, and be treated as royal when you are in a tough situation with your client. You will be bumped ahead of the queue when  you place a Same Day Delivery order.

You have access to marketing materials, webinars, and other resources that help you run your business more efficiently and with style.


Need more information? Browse through this Blue-Sketch Reseller info deck.



Sounds great, how do I get started?

Contact us for information about Reseller Discounts and supporting material. Email sales (at) or call (917) 291 2533 (Petra).





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