Here’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the local competition: Add furniture to your 2D Floor Plans. Adding placeholder furniture to bedrooms, living room and dining room give the home buyer a better understanding of the size of each room. Plants and accessories make the place look more like a home than a simple floor plan.


2D Floor Plan Blue-Sketch

Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan with furniture.

Blue-Sketch creates tailored floor plans that can be used selling or renting empty or furnished homes. Adding furniture to empty homes makes them look lively, and adding furniture to a furnished home gives the new tenant valuable information about their new home. As always, we tailor the floor plans according to your needs for no extra fee.

Other ways to tweak Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans are:

  • Various ways to display measurements in rooms
  • Different color options
  • Templates with or without logos, listing agent information, and disclaimer of your choice
  • Adding a compass
  • Displaying interior and exterior area estimations below and above grade

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