Blue-Sketch is one of the few floor plan providers who also estimate square footage. When we receive a sketch or a Matterport file, we take one measurement which we believe is the most accurate and scale the rest of the floor plan to that measurement. Matterport says their measurements are generally accurate within 1% of reality.

According to the American National Standard for Single Family Residential Buildings (ANSI-Z765-2003) total area is measured from the finished exterior surface. Until now our software has given us the interior area and we’ve had to estimate the missing footprint of the outer walls. However – drumroll!- a recent software update solved this issue.

We are now able to give out the total square footage estimate (or square meters) of your house as defined in the ANSI requirement – measured from outside of the outer walls.


What’s even more great, we can separate outdoor space, heated living space, and wet spaces automatically.

The Blue-Sketch hallmark 2D floor plan already does this with color coding: taupe for heated living space, grey for non-heated spaces, and light blue for wet areas. Now we can give out the square footage estimate for those, too.

IMPORTANT: Blue-Sketch floor plans are intended for marketing purposes only. As accurate as our measurements and dimensions are, we are not assuming legal liability for them. Please familiarize with Terms&Conditions and ensure both you and your clients have understood and accepted the them before placing an order. 

For more info email sales (at) blue-sketch.com or call Petra (917) 291 2533.

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