Happy New Year 2020, a fresh start of a new decade. Here’s a story that will inspire you to make the most of your new start.

We met Renata Joy on an architectural rendering project for her new Pure Joy Wellness Center. Renata is planning a completely new type of health and wellness center for women in New York City and needed stunning renderings to visualize her idea. After a failed experience with lower cost 3D rendering companies she was happy to find Blue-Sketch.



Architectural Rendering New York



Getting to know Renata

Getting to know Renata is like taking a breath of fresh air, one full of excitement and inspiration. She’s an Emmy-nominated TV producer on a variety of news and talk shows including Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw, Meredith Viera and Tom Bergeron. She’s a wife and a mother, and since 2000 she’s also the Founder of Pure Joy Wellness dedicating her life to inspiring women to reach their full potential. Renata’s healthy lifestyle has been featured in Vogue, Woman’s Day, and Good Housekeeping just to
name a few.

It’s no wonder Renata Joy is called the new 60! We sat down with her just before Christmas to talk about the real estate project as well as her active and healthy lifestyle.

“I left a 20 year career as an Emmy-nominated TV Producer to devote my life to helping women take control of their health. I did this after watching my mother and two of my five siblings die too young and other close family members have a lifetime of chronic physical and emotional diseases due to how they were living their lives.” Renata tells us.



The Mission, the Passion

“My mission is to guide women into the importance of taking care of themselves and to understand that being healthy has to come from a healthy place. It is possible to feel young, to feel strong and to feel sexy for your entire life.”

Pure Joy Wellness is a concierge service that combines personal training, nutrition, and self care to help you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life. We go beyond quick-fix diet and exercise advice, instead we get to know our clients on a very personalized level to create specialized solutions that fit their lifestyle. We train together in their home or our studio, we get in the kitchen and cook healthy meals that fit their busy lives, and we create strategies together that give them the time they need to take care of themselves.

This is how the new real estate location will function as well.



Pure Joy Wellness – the Real Estate

“There’s a growing trend in wellness spaces for women that function almost like co working spaces or women’s social clubs”, Renata continues. She realized that while she was doing a great job at coaching people in various domestic and exotic international locations, there was no place for her to address all
of these needs comprehensively in one place.

“So one night I dreamt that I had a place. I walked through the wellness center, seeing the Auditorium where we would have inspirational speeches and educational lectures. I saw the test kitchen where we would have a chef cook us healthy food and talk about nutrition. I would go through the training room where we can learn about movement, exercise and stay physically strong and agile. There’s a spa for stress relief with saunas, jacuzzis and yoga practice. “ she explained. “I’m extremely happy I found Blue-Sketch to do these architectural renderings. They were quickly able to visualize my idea that captures the real essence of Pure Joy Wellness”.

All in all the Pure Joy Wellness Center will be a one-stop-shop for women wellness needs. It will reframe what it means to age. This is what the architectural renderings needed to show, and as Renata we at Blue-Sketch are quit pleased with them as well.


Architectural Rendering New York