Get Listed names Blue-Sketch as one of the top Virtual Staging companies of 2018

Recently, Get Listed Realty, an online real estate brokerage, approached Blue-Sketch to participate in a test study to review the top Virtual Staging companies online. We were listed as one of the top 5 companies showcasing strong online presence, great reviews, and an easy to use website.

Get Listed Realty asked each company to stage the same 3 rooms, providing minimal direction. They wanted to see how each company would handle being asked to be featured in one of their posts.


Blue-Sketch’s Living Room Before/After Photos

Blue-Sketch stood out not only for its customer service….

“Working with the founder and head designer at Blue-Sketch Petra Soderling was a wonderful experience. It was clear to me that when she decided to work with us on this project that she wanted to make us happy with how she virtually staged the property.”


Blue-Sketch’s Dining Room Before/After Photos

But also its attention to detail and clear communication

“It is clear that she listens to clients and communications with them well. As far as the outcome of the virtually staged photos, we think her approach was a simple elegance that transformed the home and would no doubt attract multiple buyers if the property was for sale.”


Blue-Sketch’s Bedroom Before/After Photos

Bottom Line: Virtual Staged rooms sell homes faster…and Blue-Sketch does it better

When asked why an agent or seller should have their empty or dated home virtually staged, Petra replied:

” After providing sales materials for over 4500 homes one thing is clear for us, photos are the main selling article on your web listing. Digitally added furniture will make the house look fresh and clean, and give purpose to rooms.”

Let us help you sell your next listing faster! With our Virtual Staging service you’re not just saving money, you’re making it! Contact us today at [email protected]