Back in August 2016 we wrote a piece on a multifamily property¬†“Brix” in Fort Worth, TX, that was being renovated. Our local partner Worth3D did the Matterport scans, and Blue-Sketch created 3D Floor Plans for a Studio and a Two-Bedroom apartment to visualize how the apartments could look like once they are ready.

Well, they are ready now, and they are beautiful.


blue-sketch 3d floor plan matterport
Before and After, screenshots from Matterport scans 2016 and 2017 by Worth3D.


We had the pleasure of re-doing a 3D Floor Plan for one of the two-bedroom apartments:


blue-sketch 3d rendering 3d floor plan matterport

Blue-Sketch 3D Floor Plan viewed from above (90 degrees)



3d floor plan rendering blue-sketch matterport

Blue-Sketch 3D Floor Plan viewed from a birds-eye view (45 degrees)



3d rendering blue sketch matterport 3d rendering blue sketch matterport

3d blue sketch rendering matterpor 3d floor plan 3d rendering blue-sketch matterport 3d rendering blue-sketch matterport
3D photos by Blue-Sketch.



Matterport scan by Worth3D from the two-bedroom apartment 2017, post renovation.


A pleasant 2017 view to courtyard, freshly renovated exterior walls, windows, and doors.


If you are interested in how Blue-Sketch can help you promote a new construction or a renovation target get in touch, let’s discuss.