Realistic Virtual Staging is when the photos look so real you cannot tell which ones are virtually staged and which ones are just photos of rooms with furniture already in them. Can you spot the virtual ones below?


Realistic virtual staging New OrleansRealistic virtual staging New Orleans Realistic virtual staging New Orleans

Realistic Virtual Staging, the method

Virtual Staging is an easy and cost-effective way to attract more people to open houses, shorten sales time, and increase the sales price. Read recent statistics on this here. However not all staging services provide realistic looking virtual staging. There is a method to it, and we are going to tell you the secret.


First, your listing photos need to be taken by a professional photographer. The photos should be at least 4k (4000 pixels wide) with 300 dpi. Ideally your photographer will have done HDR (High Dynamic Range) shoots and do post processing edits in Lightroom. Each photo needs to have similar brightness and color conditions in order to appear cohesive in your listing.


When Blue-Sketch creates a Virtual Staging we always start by looking at all of the photos, including doing a Google search for additional photos. We are interested in seeing what the house looks like from outside, what kind of neighborhood it is, and who the likely buyers will be. We then carefully curate a furniture selection that matches any existing furniture in the house, including ceiling lights, kitchen cabinets and even door knobs.

As we have our own furniture library that includes thousands of items in various styles, we are able to create extremely realistic settings.

Post Processing

After receiving those perfect photos of the empty rooms, and selecting that perfect furniture collection, our technical staff starts to place and render the furniture 3D objects. The secret is to being able to render materials as they appear in real life. For example, fabric needs to show the fabric texture close up. leather should have that leather shimmer and glass, brass, and crystals need to shine!

Applying lights and shadows on the added furniture is art of its own. Each furniture needs to cast a shadow from multiple light sources, and those shadows are landing on uneven surfaces. It is not easy making realistic virtual stagings with those cross shadows. There is likely a cold toned daylight coming from a window, and warmer artificial lights inside the rooms. All these lights need to land on the furniture as they were photographs.


Realistic Virtual Staging in Listings

Some of these photos are Virtually Staged by Blue-Sketch. Can you tell which ones? Realistic Virtual Staging need to look natural among other photos in the listing. They should not pop up from the row of photos.

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