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2D Floor Plans

Let’s Play with Tags

Tagging is a fun way to bring a floor plan alive. Blue-Sketch creates one of the most High Quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans in the market. Let’s play with some Smart Tags to see how to make interactive and playful.   2D Floor Plans Plain Black and White Floor Plans are sleek, but if…

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What is Cupix?

Virtual Tours are an integrated part of a successful real estate marketing package. The term is somewhat ambivalent, but here at Blue-Sketch we define it the ability to interactively walk from room to room. Hence, video and 360 images alone are not Virtual Tours. We’ve worked with the pioneer in this industry, Matterport, for a…

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Harmonize Your Brand with customized 2D Floor Plans

Schematic 2D Floor Plans serve a much needed functional purpose. They tell home buyers the layout for each level, flow of rooms, size and function of spaces. The blue in Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan is a quick way to assess where bathrooms, laundry, and other wet spaces are in each floor. As a Real Estate…

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Historic Smithfield Roller Mill relocation

  We create dozens of schematic floor plans weekly, most of which are residential houses. Once in a while we are awarded with projects that blow your mind. The relocation of Smithfield Roller Mill is one of them. John Loser, partner in Scene World Imaging contacted us for schematic floor plans in December 2017. “Scene…

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Inman Connect NYC 2018 – Top 5

We had a chance to visit Inman Connect, one of real estate’s big tech shows in New York City January 22-25. Here’s fresh interview with We Get Around Network forum’s Dan Smigrod.     Here are my Top Five takeaways from the show: Technologies The week was surprisingly tech focused – not just “real estate…

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What to look for in a Floor Plan

blue-sketch floor plan matterport

There are a few simple tricks to verify you are looking at a schematic floor plan that was created with attention by a professional. Let’s use this house as an example; two floors of gorgeous, spacious living and working areas with four large bedrooms, a functional mudroom, and more. You could go on verbally describing…

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Add furniture to 2D Floor Plan

Here’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the local competition: Add furniture to your 2D Floor Plans. Adding placeholder furniture to bedrooms, living room and dining room give the home buyer a better understanding of the size of each room. Plants and accessories make the place look more like a home than a simple…

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Value of a floor plan

  Blue-Sketch is selling 2D Floor Plans for USD 99.95, less re-seller discounts for recurring clients such as Matterport photographers. Is this price point expensive or cheap? Let’s take a look.   2D Floor plans and quality Floor plan is a digital product which can be created  by anyone with a computer, internet and the…

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Matterport and Blue-Sketch Schematic Floor Plans

As a Matterport service provider you can order your floor plans from many sources, including Matterport itself. Here at Blue-Sketch we are not competing against any one company in particular, we are competing for our clients’ trust by delivering quality products in a timely manner. However, since we are asked about this constantly, we wanted…

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