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What’s Your Style?

Good design makes you feel dignified and elevated so why settle for anything less. Our service philosophy is to cater for each client as if they entered a boutique store. In everything we do, high quality of the product and customer service are imperative. For some people interior design choices come naturally, they can pick…

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Many phases of Mugford Road

We had a thrilling project with TANSI Media working on marketing materials for a development project in Kelowna, British Columbia. The entire project consists of a total of 12 units, eight in one townhome and two duplexes. These screen captures from show the many phases of this project stretching over several months, including 2D…

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NEW: Digital 360 walk through

Launching Digital 360 walk through Are you marketing a house that’s not built yet? You could send us floor plans and we turn them into 3D Floor Plans, 3D Renderings, or even hyper realistic renderings. Now, we’re launching something even cooler than that: Digital 360 Walk through. Check out this kitchen renovation sample below.  …

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Let’s Play with Tags

Tagging is a fun way to bring a floor plan alive. Blue-Sketch creates one of the most High Quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans in the market. Let’s play with some Smart Tags to see how to make interactive and playful.   2D Floor Plans Plain Black and White Floor Plans are sleek, but if…

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Who wore it Better?

Sometimes regular Virtual Staging – adding furniture virtually on a photo of an empty room- is not enough to make your project presentable. By applying clever and skillful photo editing skills, the Blue-Sketch team created these virtual, alternative views of a Chicago apartment kitchen and a Swiss Chalet. Who wore it Better?   Chicago kitchen…

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How to use Hyperrealistic Renderings

  Renderings are often done by the architect for getting initial by-out from investors, public officials, and other stakeholders. Exterior elevation and landscape renderings look awesome but only do half of the job. After breaking ground, they are often used to decorate marketing materials for the apartments or single family homes. However, interested buyer wants…

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