Minot, ND, is a small city with a strong Scandinavian heritage. Nearly 40% of the city’s 50,000 residents are of Scandinavian ancestry, and it is the home of both the largest North American Scandinavian festival Norsk Høstfest, and the Scandinavian Heritage Park.


Being a New Orleanian company with Finnish roots, Blue-Sketch was naturally excited to be able to work with a local agency Creative Printing on a set of 3D Floor Plans for 11 apartments in the City Center of Minot.


Purpose of the project was to create new marketing material for existing rental apartments. Together with photographs, these new 3D Floor Plans and 3D photos will give the future tenant an idea of possibilities for how to furnish and decorate their new homes. The digital renderings also bring out the layout and flow of each apartment in a concrete, simple manner.


Each of the 11 apartments were equipped with five files:

  • A view from the top (90 degrees)
  • A birds-eye view (45 degrees)
  • Three 3D photos from a human eye-level




3D Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch
Apartment A features aegean blue and beige tones coupled with elements of dark wood.




3d floor plans blue-sketch
Apartment B is furnished with earthly forest green and warm amber tones.



3d floor plans blue-sketch
For Apartment C we chose a light, romantic theme with Scandinavian furniture coupled with classic decoration pieces.


To see all of the 10 apartments please go to our Houzz profile.  Place an order for 3D Floor Plans or call (917) 291 2533 for more information.