What kind of Floor Plans are available from Blue-Sketch for Cupix?

Blue-Sketch creates schematic Floor Plans that are intended for navigating around your Cupix tour. They will have main rooms labeled, but no measurements.

Our default color option is a taupe floor with bathrooms and other wet areas marked in blue. We can create a black and white Floor Plan Map by request for no additional charge.

blue-sketch cupix floor plan map

Blue-Sketch Floor Plan Map embedded in a Cupix tour for navigation purposes.

How much do they cost?

A default schematic Floor Plan is $24.95, delivered to you in 1-2 business days.


Is there a size restriction?

Yes. We guarantee a quality Floor Plan for spaces up to 3000 sq.ft. only. Bigger areas are doable, but contact us for details first. Some technical restrictions may apply.


What do I need to do to get a Floor Plan created for my Cupix tour?

To create a floor plan, take the following steps:

  • Activate the AEC pack in your Cupix account. This will allow to measure dimensions in your tour.
  • Activate the Team pack in your Cupix account. This will allow safe sharing of your workspace with us.
  • Share your Workspace with Blue-Sketch. You can do this by clicking the Share icon in your Cupix Workspace, and invite [email protected] into your Workspace. We need Read-Write access to your tours.
  • Order a Floor Plan here
  • Within your order, please indicate which of your tours you would like the Floor Plan for, in case you have several tours in your Workspace
  • Upload any additional information or requirements you may have
  • Pay with any major credit or debit card

Your schematic Floor Plan is delivered to you via email within 1-2 business days. You can then upload it to your tour under Layout within your Cupix App. Read more here.


How many 360 photos are needed to create a Floor Plan Map?

Cupix states “ The simplest way of estimating the ballpark number of photos is by dividing the size of the space by 35 in case of ft² and by 3 in case of meter², but the actual number may vary with the structure of the space.”

We utilize the blue sketch that is auto-generated by Cupix. If you take too few photos this sketch will not be generated, and we are not able to process a floor plan.

Read more here.

Auto-generated blue sketch.

Can I get measurements to my Floor Plan?

Yes, we add measurements to rooms and give an estimate of the square footage (or m2), provided these technical phases have been correctly implemented:

  1. You need to give your tour a scale. Cupix offers several possibilities to add measurement and scale to your tour. The more accurate your measurement, the more accurate the floor plan. Read more here.
  2. You have enough 360 photos around each room so the blue sketch auto-generated by Cupix will cover each room wall to wall. Read more here.
  3. If you have used several sections to create your tour, they need to be correctly grouped and merged. We cannot create a floor plan if the sections are misaligned. Read more here.

Do the measurements cost extra?

Yes, there’s an additional a $9.95 fee for room measurements and area estimate.