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Design with a Palette


The core of Blue-Sketch services is to help our clients turn ordinary homes into extraordinary spaces and uncover the maximum potential of a space. Real estate services from 2D and 3D Floor Plans to Virtual Staging that involve tedious planning and process driven design. One of the steps is choosing the right palette to develop the room into a space that invite you to live in – a space that will bring you joy.

So how does an Interior Designer pick a Palette for the space? Even though the process can vary from one designer to another, there’s a common set of elements a Designer must bear in mind. First of all, analyze all of the elements that can influence the palette such as Architecture, Lighting, Flooring, Kitchen, etc. Furthermore it is important to choose a color based on the function of the space.

Once you have these elements clear it is important to think about the inspiration, and understand the psychology behind the color. Pick a Palette depending on the use of the space. A color can create a lot of emotions; warm colors like red, yellow or orange raise action, passion, sensuality, and joy. Cold colors like blue, green and purple allude to meditation, spirituality, relaxation. White induces peace, calm and purity.

The chosen color will draw¬† Furniture, Art, and Accessories that all together would tell a story, that’s why you should start by thinking big and leave the small details last. As the purpose of Blue-Sketch design is to appeal to a potential home buyer, we choose safer colors for major pieces and then accentuate with small pieces and accessories.

As a conclusion the Color Palette is perhaps the most important thing within our interior design process. For every single order we take all these elements into consideration to create the best mood for each location. That’s why every space we create have a different feeling and have a specific details depending on the space.

Cinthya Valdespino
Interior Designer