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Estimating Square Footage


“How Many Square Feet is the House?” We are happy to be able to provide an estimate based on 2D Floor Plan we drew.

When designing the Floor Plans we adhere to these ANSI guidelines:

  • Measure from outside of Exterior Wall (6″ wall)
  • Include heated Living Space
  • Include stairs from the floor they descend
  • Include space underneath stairs regardless of ceiling height
  • Exclude ‘Open to Below’ spaces

When we have been given the information, we adhere to these guidelines

  • Include space with ceiling height over 5′
  • Include closets and other closed areas

Once we have drawn the 2D Floor Plan, we are able to give out various pieces of background estimates to our Reseller customers.



Defined zones for Heated Living Space (blue), unheated space (yellow), and outdoor (green)


Total area drawn in the Floor Plan. Handy if you are e.g. Matterport photographer and charge clients based on area scanned, including outdoors.


Total area inside buildings measured outside of exterior walls, excluding the outdoor area.


Living Area inside of exterior walls, including space underneath interior walls.


Unheated spaces: Garage and Covered Patio.


Heated and Unheated Areas excluding the exterior walls, including interior walls.


Floor Space, excluding all walls, including only walkable floor space.


All of the information above is based on input data we get from either a Construction Blueprint or a Matterport scan. The output is only as reliable as the input, therefore the numbers should be treated as ESTIMATE ONLY and not show to a client without a proper disclaimer, such as “Sizes and Dimensions are Approximate. Actual may Vary.”


Blue-Sketch Floor Plans are delivered both as maximum size pre-process JPG image files for you to post-process (don’t forget to add the disclaimer), and processed PDF files with your logo, disclaimer, and area estimate per floor.

The Floor Plan displayed on a listing website and print material would typically not include square footage, as advised by National Association of Realtors. The square footage estimate from Blue-Sketch is helpful in pricing B2B services, but do not use it for selling houses. Always consult an accredited appraiser in your area for confirmed area details.

Potential home buyers will be happy to see the feet by feet information per room, as in this example of a default Blue-Sketch Floor Plan:


Post-processed Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan ready for listing.


Our default color coding enable the home buyer to distinguish living spaces (taupe) from outdoor and cold storage areas (grey), and quickly assess where bathrooms and other wet areas are (blue).

For more information please email [email protected] or call Petra (917) 291 2533.