Schematic 2D Floor Plans serve a much needed functional purpose. They tell home buyers the layout for each level, flow of rooms, size and function of spaces. The blue in Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan is a quick way to assess where bathrooms, laundry, and other wet spaces are in each floor.

As a Real Estate Broker, Agent, or Photographer you can also use Floor Plans to support your brand promise. Is your service trusted and reliable, are you an innovative pioneer, or maybe your team is all about having fun.

Take a look at how some of these brands use Blue-Sketch Floor Plans as a coherent part of their visualized brand promise.


Beautiful example of a well-thought brand image. The floor plan coloring of orange, two shades of grey replicate logo colors 100%. Font color an style support main branding elements.



Bold red highlights on floor plan match a pop-up color in the logo. Strong luxury brand with strong colors and simple, powerful Arial font.



Century 21 recently changed their brand colors. This floor plan template reflects the yellow and a softer charcoal grey.


Screen grab from a fully branded website with supporting Schematic 2D Floor Plan in Brand Colors.



Use Black and White floor plan with default measurement style for familiarity. Black and White pairs easily with any brand color, for example the Keller Williams red. Add Agent contact details, area estimate and a disclaimer with a luxurious font.


Blue-Sketch default colors taupe, grey, and blue will highlight important areas in your floor plan: Living Areas, Wet Areas, and Outdoor Areas. The Arrow Tape Measure will leave room in the middle of the room. Brand with a head-shot and contact information.