Renderings are often done by the architect for getting initial by-out from investors, public officials, and other stakeholders. Exterior elevation and landscape renderings look awesome but only do half of the job. After breaking ground, they are often used to decorate marketing materials for the apartments or single family homes. However, interested buyer wants to see how their home will look like inside.

In our sample project, Blue-Sketch worked with Atlas Greenway Partners LLC  to illustrate a Luxury Condo coming up in the bohemian Fairgrounds area of historic New Orleans. We used construction blueprints together with photographs taken on site. As we started working with the Atlas Greenway team, exterior walls were up, and studs divided all rooms inside.

Take a look at the “Before and After” images from the Living Room, open Kitchen area, and Master Bedroom.


“Everyone loves the renderings. Showing buyers a realistic look of the flagship corner unit was imperative. Being able to highlight the lightness of the space, and the realistic spectacular views through the panoramic glass doors is awesome.” says Monty Lunn, co-founder of Atlas Greenway Partners.



Above: Photo of the Living Room at the start of the rendering process. Below: Blue-Sketch Hyper-realistic rendering of the same space.



Above: Photo of the Kitchen area at the start of rendering. Below: Our Hyper-realistic rendering illustrating the open kitchen layout.



Above: Photo of the Master Bedroom Balcony door in the start of renderings. Below: Hyper-realistic rendering from the Master Bedroom.


Construction blueprint.



Material samples.