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Inman Connect NYC 2018 – Top 5

We had a chance to visit Inman Connect, one of real estate’s big tech shows in New York City January 22-25. Here’s fresh interview with We Get Around Network forum’s Dan Smigrod.



Here are my Top Five takeaways from the show:


The week was surprisingly tech focused – not just “real estate tech” but “real tech”. In addition to your usual VR, AR, and 3D, there was a solid representation of AI, crypto currencies, IoT, Facial recognition, voice activation, and Big Data. May companies touted ‘Mobile first’ strategies for agents and brokers.

For example, Matterport’s CEO Bill Brown mentioned they use AI to detect rooms and define best perspectives. Also many Big Data analysis solutions use AI in the background learning patterns from each new search. Various bio-technologies are used for identification purposes, for example Trust Stamp has created a security app where agent can verify their potential client is “safe” by uploading the client’s ID photo to a system which compares the facial features against multiple databases.

California based Luxury Reator Piper Morretti has sold 5 houses that were paid in bitcoins.


Video, video, video

Many presenters offered tips on how to use video to brand yourself, stay interesting, and increase your follower base.  DIY Facebook live stream can be enhanced with dozens of related apps, staying on budget. For example:

Professionally produced video production might have a surprising ‘word of mouth’ marketing effect. When neighbors become interested in what’s going on down their street and flock around the realtor to ask her/him what’s going on. Bring lots of business cards when shooting video in a busy neighborhood.


Re-purpose existing content

In-line with the self-branding theme, there were many web platforms where agents and brokers could re-purpose existing content and add their own branding elements. For example, with Agent Image or AgentMarketing you can import MLS listings, create your own landing pageand add additional content. This content could be floor plans, renderings, or Virtual Staging for example. This way the listing you present will look much better than the same listing on other people’s websites.

AgentIcon creates and sells ready-made content for your social media streams. Lucidpress includes ready made templates for great looking marketing deliverables. TweakCloud allows you use your own brand content an re-package for various channels.


DIY and stay on budget

Data Hacking sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but can actually be done by anyone with a computer and some time. Use existing big data from municipalities, local and state tax authorities, IRS, school districts, farmers calendar, etc. and cross examine against the MLS.  If you’re really into it become CoreLogic reseller and make money off of hacking. Other great DIY tools are:

  • Studeo, an interactive DIY publishing platform
  • Peleman will make a hard cover book from your own content
  • Postamo is like a “Hootsuite” for agents, own your social media
  • AdWerx will help you create a campaign in 2 minutes
  • TweakCloud allows you to edit and share marketing materials


360 camera platforms

2018 is the year of 360. As we discuss on the video with Dan Smigrod, there are dozens of 360 platforms out there with unique and inventive features.

  • There are many 360 platform that allow you to use your own iPhone or Android camera by downloading an app. Nodalview does that with excellent sharing capabilities to make your 360s go viral
  • Matterport and GeoCV both have a different but competitive offering. Matterport‘s proprietary camera is costly but high quality whereas GeoCV creates crisp camera agnostic walkthrough models, dollhouses and floor plans views
  • Savvy Homes Portal is a startup that creates VR from 360 and video (!)
  • If you’re looking for a great UI then is for you
  • Even though Cupix was not in the show here’s a shout-out to that platform, they are able to generate concise and tight point-clouds from any camera data

My first Inman will not be my last. If you have any questions about any of this don’t hesitate to call (917) 291 2533 (Petra).