Unique interior design styles makes you feel dignified and elevated so why settle for anything less. Our service philosophy is to cater for each client as if they entered a boutique store. In everything we do, high quality of the product and customer service are imperative. For some people interior design choices come naturally, they can pick their favorite designers, styles, and inspirations just like that. For others, we are happy to provide support.


Defining Your Interior Design Style

Google “What’s your interior design styles” and you get a number of quizzes with diverse results. The terminology used varies from basic (rustic, modern, industrial) to creative (shabby chic, global heritage, hollywood regency). To save you some time, I first went to this site that lists the 10 best Interior Design Quizzes and did them all. The one we liked best is Havenly, it showed plenty of visual cues for answers. Second and third were Decorist, and Lonny.


Each three provided the same type result for me, a modern Scandinavian minimalist. That’s 100% correct in my case :).

Result from Havenly for “interior design styles” keyword.


Result from Lonny for “interior design styles” keyword.


Result from Decorist for “interior design styles” keyword.


We  also like to work with Houzz, they provide additional resources around each style and the large community uploading design samples from all over the world.

Working with Blue-Sketch

As a professional you are selling or leasing new construction or an existing home or apartment. We all want that listing to look as gorgeous and inviting as possible. This will be a mix of what you like and what the potential home buyer will like.

For unbuilt properties we’ll provide an architectural Rendering or a virtual staging with the interior design styles finishes of your choice. Walls, floors, appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixed furniture will emulate the actual materials used. For staging we will work with you to match your taste, the style of the house, the neighborhood and targeted buyer profile.


Architectural Rendering in Contemporary interior design style, mixing a modern dining set with industrial bar stools.


3D Floor Plan in eclectic, transitional interior design style furniture on a farmhouse style flooring.


When you’re listing an existing property that has no furniture in it, we recommend hiring a good photographer who can hide some of those smudges on the carpets and walls. Add virtual Staging to Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom and the Family Room to showcase potential of this place. We will work with you to match your interior design styles, should there be ceiling lights, drapes, or anything else remaining that provides style guidance. We can also disguise some unwanted things like cracks and stains.


An urban Loft apartment is digitally furnished with modern interior design style by Blue-Sketch.


Traditional upscale dining set that brings elegance to the room without clashing with existing ceiling light.


A beach front property with coastal yet traditional family room set matching the overall tone of the image as well as wanted target demographic.


Get in touch today to see what we can do to elevate your listing materials to a new level! Call (800) 218 5175 or email sales at blue-sketch.com.


Petra Soderling
Owner, Founder, Blue-Sketch.com