We had a thrilling project with TANSI Media working on marketing materials for a development project in Kelowna, British Columbia. The entire project consists of a total of 12 units, eight in one townhome and two duplexes.

These screen captures from Realtor.ca show the many phases of this project stretching over several months, including 2D Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans, photos of unfinished development (exterior), photos of finished development (interior), and finally Virtually Staged photos from four rooms.


Screen capture from Realtor.ca for 136 Mugford Road, one of the duplex units.


Photo reel from the listing.


Photo reel from the listing.


At the beginning of development we created 3D Floor Plans and renderings from blueprints and material samples. A Blue-Sketch 3D Floor Plan package comes with two floor plan views, an isometric view from a wanted angle, and a floor plan view directly from above. In addition, we include three renderings from inside main rooms with the package.


Source material given to Blue-Sketch.


3D Floor Plan viewed from above.



3D Floor Plan, isometric view.


Renderings from inside rooms, part of the 3D Floor Plan package.



As soon as interiors were finished so photos could be taken, we started working on Virtual Staging. In accordance with the already established design philosophy, we furnished the Living Room, Dining Area, and two Bedrooms. The Virtually Staged photos blend in seamlessly with the photos of empty rooms, highlighting the function, size and look&feel of the new home.

Here are the first four rooms staged, Before and After photos.


Bedroom Before and After Virtual Staging.


Master Bedroom Before and After Virtual Staging.


Living Room Before and After Virtual Staging.


Dining Area Before and After Virtual Staging.


We’ll keep adding samples on this page as the development progresses. Meanwhile, ask for a quote on any of these services from sales (at) blue-sketch.com or call (800) 218 5175.