What is Matterport?

Matterport 3D walkthroughs help sell and lease thousands of residential and commercial real estate properties around the world. This immersive 3D experience can be enhanced with floor plans, renderings, tags, and more. Visit the Brix Two-Bedroom below to get an idea.




A Matterprort 3D model alone won’t sell the house. Add a high quality 2D Floor Plan to complement your offering and stand out from the crowd. Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans come with your or your customers logo, colors of your choice, and measurements displayed according to your preferences. Our professional team achieves extremely high accuracy derived from Matterport dimensions, adhering to ANSI real estate standards where applicable.

Use 3D Floor Plans to help your customer visualize an upcoming construction or renovation target. Here’s a good example of a building scanned before and after renovation, and how Blue-Sketch 3D Floor Plans helped sell the apartments before the renovation had even started.

Tag the 2D Floor Plans with photographs, or tag 3D Floor Plans and renderings with information about the upcoming construction or renovation.


Matterport to 2D Floor Plan and 3D Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch

Matterport scan by Worth3D turned into Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan and 3D Floor Plan.


Find a Matterport photographer in your area



Each month we interact with thousands of real estate agents and brokers, some of which have no previous knowledge of Matterport but are curious about it. We want to make it easy for these clients to source a Matterport Pro, still Photographer, videographer, and aerial photographer. We are thrilled to be able to funnel these inbound leads to our Blue-Sketch clients who provide Matterport services.

If you are interested in connecting with a Matterport Pro in your area, find one on the map and fill in the details, or simply email sales (at) blue-sketch.com. We’ll link you to your local Matterport providers.


Complement Matterport 3D with Blue-Sketch Floor Plans

You are helping your customers to sell, lease, or renovate real estate by creating Matterport tours. Add value to your offering by packaging in 2D and 3D Floor Plans, and other Blue-Sketch products. The variety and features in our floor plans, short delivery time, and award-winning customer service makes us an ideal business partner.

  • Branding of your choice (your logo, your customer logo, no logo)
  • We can record your customer requirements and automatically create uniquely tailored floor plans for your recurring agent customers (their logos, their phone numbers, head shot, etc)
  • Unique informative default colors, black and white, or colors of your choice
  • Four alternative ways to display measurements, imperial and metric
  • Estimated up to 99% accuracy (see Terms and Conditions for liability)
  • ANSI standards as applicable
  • Square footage (square meters) per floor, and per project. Separate estimates for heated living areas and unheated areas.
  • Delivery by following business day, even same day delivery possible
  • JPG for post-processing and PDF ready to print or upload to listing
  • Approachable, designers in USA, call (917) 291 2533 any time of day
  • Trusted by members of We Get Around forum
  • Winner of Houzz 2017 and 2018 in Customer Service


How to order Floor Plans from Matterport scans?

For individual orders, go to Blue-Sketch SHOP and place an order for 2D Floor Plans or 3D Floor Plans. Add your credit card details (save for future use), and add a public link to your Matterport scan in details.

We also need access to your Matterport Workshop in order to get measurement data. Please add us as a Collaborator. Once we are your Collaborator, all you need to do is share a model with us, place an order online, and we will deliver your floor plans the following business day.


Join Blue-Sketch Reseller Program

Interested? Join dozens of Matterport photographers around the world already standing out from competition by offering Blue-Sketch products. As a member you will get discounts from 2D, 3D Floor Plans and Virtual Staging. Our Reseller Newsletter and Webinars will offer interesting and educational content on regulations, measurements, marketing and best business practices. Contact sales (at) blue-sketch.com or phone (800) 218 5175 for more information.