3D rendering Blue-Sketch

3D rendering is part of the 3D Floor Plan package from Blue-Sketch.


Earlier this fall we ran a benchmark study on prices for schematic 2D Floor Plans in North America (to save a click, it’s around $300 for a typical residential house). This week we’re looking at the prices of 3D Floor Plans, again in the North American market with one Australian guest of honor. We’re making a conscious decision to exclude low cost offshore companies, crowd sourcing platforms and 3D Floor Plan tool providers from the benchmark in order to keep the comparison as much apples to apples as possible.

The average size of a North American house we worked with during the first half of 2017 was 3326 sq.ft. and had 2.12 floors. We are using this imaginary house as an example to calculate the price for a 3D Floor Plan.

The average from these ten prices is USD 363.70.

We chose these companies mainly because they indicated any type of price information on their website. There are many high quality providers out there who are excluded because they do not discuss price on their website. That may be a good strategy for corporate protection but displaying price points is good, open customer service. For this reason we’re happy with the selection. Customer service is as important as the price and final quality of the floor plan.