Tagging is a fun way to bring a floor plan alive. Blue-Sketch creates one of the most High Quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans in the market. Let’s play with some Smart Tags to see how to make interactive and playful.


2D Floor Plans

Plain Black and White Floor Plans are sleek, but if you want to add more information, tag Photos, maps, and other content.


2D Floor Plan tagged with multimedia content telling homeowners about interest points in and around their new home. This is a great way to bring the floor plan alive when there are no photos to share yet.


2D Floor Plan tagged with photos by Claude Capozzo.


Virtual Staging and Renderings

Virtual Stagings and Renderings are meant to convey style, look&feel, and function. By adding Tags, you can convey so much more!


Let’s play with tags – a Virtual Staging tagged with multimedia content.


Virtually Staged room by Blue-Sketch, tagged with simple text to indicate the design pieces used.


3D Floor Plans

Even though 3D Floor Plan is already colorful, informative, and a great way to convey the feel of your future home, adding Tags will give a whole new dimension to these marketing pieces.


3D Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch, tagged with 360 renderings in main rooms.



3D photo – part of the Blue-Sketch 3D Floor Plan package delivery – tagged with additional information about the room.


Order Smart Tags with your next Floor Plan or Rendering order, and make your website come alive.