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New construction projects

This week we’ve had fun with a renovation project for five apartments. This old brick building has been in residential use before but is receiving a full renovation into new homes for small families.

We started out with the construction drawing for the entire house, breaking it into apartment size original source files (image 1).


Unit 1133

Image 1. Blueprint we received from the customer.

We turned each blueprint into a furnished 3D floor plan delivering one floor plan viewed from the top (image 2), one viewed from birds-eye level (image 3), and three 3D photos (images 4, 5, and 6).


Unit 1133 - 3D Floor Plan - 90 degreesImage 2. 3D floor plan viewed from the top.



Unit 1133 - 3D Floor Plan - 45 degrees

Image 3. 3D floor plan viewed from birds-eye level.


Unit 1133 - 3D Photo - 16654916 Unit 1133 - 3D Photo - 16654943 Unit 1133 - 3D Photo - 16654925

Images 4-6. 3D photos viewed from human eye-level.

See other four apartments in our Houzz Projects.

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