CUPIX Floor Plan


Simple indicative Floor Plan Map for navigating your CUPIX tour

  • up to 3000 sq.ft.
  • Main rooms labeled
  • No measurements
  • Windows, doors, kitchen cabinets indicative only
  • Requires a registration to CUPIX




CUPIX is an easy way to capture a Scene in 3D with any off the shelf 360 camera. Register with and start uploading your 360 views to create a full 3D experience. For easy navigation you can order a schematic Floor Plan from Blue-Sketch for homes up to 3000 sq.ft. These schematic Floor Plan are simple indicative maps intended to help navigating your Cupix tour. They may contain main room labels, but by default do not include measurements. All windows, doors, kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture are indicative only.

In order to create a CUPIX Floor Plan Map we will need access to your Workspace in Cupix Editor, and a few technical details ironed out. Please read this FAQ before placing an order.


Examples of CUPIX tours with Blue-Sketch Floor Plan


Cover Photo and all CUPIX tours Courtesy of Sold in a Snap Photography


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