2d floor plan blue sketch

“Amazing. They look 1000 times better.  Every time I try and ‘save’ money I tell myself you get what you pay for! “


This was not the first time we had a new customer send us a floor plan they ordered from a cheaper competitor and asked us to redo it. This time it was a London based high quality 3D photographer customer, and this was their unprompted comment after they received the Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans.

What does ‘quality’ mean in a schematic floor plan anyway? By definition schematic is a simplified plan created for marketing purposes. It is meant to represent main elements of the house in adequately accurate dimensions. There are still a number of details we recommend to demand from your schematic floor plan supplier.



2d floor plan matterport blue-sketch



2d floor plan blue sketch matterport


Measurements and scale

The plan should look proportional. Items like kitchen cabinet, bathroom fixtures and door should look believable in size. Room dimensions should be consistent. Display horizontal x vertical or vertical x horizontal throughout the plan. We use 6″ walls for outer wall as recommended by ANSI real estate standard, and a 4″ wall for inner walls. Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans can display measurements in a number of different way.



blue-sketch matterport   blue sketch matterport       blue-sketch matterport




Most houses are built around symmetrical elements. Doors at the end of the same hallway are usually positioned either in the middle or on the same side. If there’s a wider window in the middle with two windows on the side, the middle window should have equal lengths to each side and the side windows be from equal distance of the middle window.



blue-sketch matterport


Windows and Doors

We put in separate windows when the window is in its own frame. If you have a frame with three panes, it would be one window. But if you have two windows right next to each other in their own frames, that would be two separate windows in the floor plan as well.

Door opening direction must be correct. If a door is in a corridor it is most likely in the middle. When there are two bedrooms with identical doors they should be placed within the same distance from the separating wall. Typically developers use the same inner doors throughout the house, so door widths should be logical. Home Depot sells interior doors in 24″ 30″ and 36″ wide. Lowe’s in 24″, 28″ and 30″.


 blue-sketch matterport 2d floor plan blueprint


Stairs and odd shapes

According to ANSI Real Estate guidelines area of stairs should be included in the floor they descend from. Round staircases sometimes have odd shaped railings around them. Each designers is doing their best to achieve a beautiful and balanced staircase. Arrow in staircase points up, i.e. tip of the arrow is the highest point of the staircase.

Spaces that open to the floor beneath can be drawn in the floor plan but should not be calculated in square footage. At Blue-Sketch we identify open space with white color, or in a black and white floor plan we would type it in but not give dimensions to that space.




Hidden spaces

Whether to include or exclude an area in the floor plan is a separate decision each time. At Blue-Sketch we advocate consistency. If you include balconies, include all balconies. If you include patios, include all patios. In each house you will have ventilation and water pipes and other hidden areas. If they are sealed inside a wall we will mark them as wall. Otherwise we will mark them as we see, either heated living space or utility space.