Helping you meet deadlines

The home seller is in a hurry, the agent is in a hurry. The listing is going live this afternoon, photographs are done, now all we need are the 2D Floor Plans… Sound familiar?

We’re answering a popular demand and introducing Same Day Delivery for 2D Floor Plans. Our normal working hours are 9 am to 5 pm here in New Orleans, LA. Any order placed before 5 pm will be delivered the next business day. Orders placed over the weekend are received on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

With the Same Day Delivery, if you can get the material to us before noon US Central Time we’ll be able to deliver it during the same day. If you send the material over the weekend, same day delivery happens on Monday.

Same Day Delivery fee is an additional 100% to the list price $49.95 , and applies to residential properties less than 4000 sq.ft. If you have a bigger scan and are in trouble give us a call. If we’re having an easy day we might be able to pull it off!

Are you a Blue-Sketch ResellerContact us for a Reseller price.

Call (917) 291 2533 or email sales at to order.