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Historic Smithfield Roller Mill relocation


We create dozens of schematic floor plans weekly, most of which are residential houses. Once in a while we are awarded with projects that blow your mind. The relocation of Smithfield Roller Mill is one of them.

John Loser, partner in Scene World Imaging contacted us for schematic floor plans in December 2017. “Scene World Imaging provides both photographic and Matterport scanning services for greater Louisville and surrounding areas in Kentucky.  As a husband/wife-owned small business founded by his spouse, we have many decades of experience as professional photographers. We have offered Matterport scanning services since mid-2016 and one of our favorite added options are high-quality Blue-Sketch provided floor plans of the properties we scan.” says Mr. Loser.

The Smithfield Roller Mill building, located in Smithfield, KY, was built 1896 and is owned by Mr. Kenny Way.  It is being dismantled, moved to Lebanon, Tenn. and rebuilt by Reclaimed Reserve of Danville, KY.  It has been an operational mill up until 6/3/1987 at 2:45 p.m. according to a note on the wall of the building. This note is visible in the 3D model on the first floor near the office.

Go ahead, take a tour.



Last day of operation 6/3/1987 at 2:45 p.m.


The Mill will serve its retirement years in Lebanon, Tennessee as a working museum.

“I would love to add, that because of the planned use of the Matterport 3D Tour and floor plans, as a means to document the building prior to “deconstruction” as it is readied for relocation, we worked diligently to provide the best possible products for Reclaim Reserve.  Between the 3D model and floorplans, we are confident there is sufficient information for the reconstruction of this historic building. By referring to both, in real time as the re-building proceeds, Reclaimed Reserve should be able to picture “How it was” as they see it become the new “as it is” in reconstruction.” Mr. Loser continues.





Photo used by permission courtesy of Rob Gividen, Louisville, KY.


It was an honor to be part of this historic project.