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Value of a floor plan

Pick any two.


Blue-Sketch is selling 2D Floor Plans for USD 99.95, less re-seller discounts for recurring clients such as Matterport photographers. Is this price point expensive or cheap? Let’s take a look.


2D Floor plans and quality

Floor plan is a digital product which can be created¬† by anyone with a computer, internet and the skills. This means there’s a spectrum of quality-price ratios out there. Roughly you have to kinds of players; offshore providers with very attractive pricing but varying quality of product and service, and local providers with a higher cost structure but typically high quality and high service.

Blue-Sketch, an award winning service business and a provider of high quality products is in the latter category. Let’s see who else is there.


Price benchmark

Earlier this year we ran statistics on the floor plans we’ve created and found the average size of an American house to be 3326 square feet with 2.12 floors. We used this size as a sample to benchmark market prices. We found six companies that provide prices on their websites. Providing prices upfront is part of a good service experience, so we’re happy with the selection.


Average price for a 2D Floor Plan with Blue-Sketch excluded is USD 271.25.


Price, quality, speed triangle

These companies have been in business for years, are awarded, accredited and enjoy a large customer base. It’s easy to find lower cost options but it’s not easy to find low-cost options with a sustainable, high quality service level. When it comes to speed, quality and cheap price you can only pick two.


How should you price your floor plan

Market value of a high quality floor plan for a standard house from a reliable, trusted provider is somewhere around $300. Regardless what you paid for it, why not allow your client to see this value. If you bundle the floor plan with other products, make the value visible on your website or invoice. If you charge money for it, consider charging for the full value but using discounts to attract the client. Or simply charge what you think your clients will pay, but let them know they are getting a $300 value.



Edit, October 10, 2017: A previous version of this blog post showed the average price to be USD 297.33. We did a similar study for 3D Floor Plans and decided to harmonize the way we calculated averages between these two comparisons. (earlier we used 2.12 floors as a method, we now changed it to 2 floors). The average price with 2 floors, 3326 sq.ft. is USD 271.25.


Edit, previous version of this post stated the 2017 Blue-Sketch price USD 49.95 per 2D schematic floor plan.

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