Why do we talk about Coastal Virtual Staging in the middle of winter? Depending on where you are located, January could be full of snow and winter fun. Here in New Orleans we are enjoying fabulous, mild seasonal weather, perfect for outdoor activities that require no skis, hats or gloves.

Our next door neighbor Texas is equally relishing in the season. We did a nice set of Virtual Stagings for a pretty little beachy house in Rockport, TX for Mary Ann Sawyers of Coldwell Banker. On the Gulf Coast, beach is always in the season.



Coastal Dream Home at Rockport, TX

Rockport is a beach heaven just 40 minutes from Corpus Christi, TX, another favorite tourist destination. It is an idyllic coastal town for beach goers and nature lovers. It’s home to long Rockport Beach, with its fishing piers and rich bird life. The Texas Maritime Museum explores Gulf Coast history with exhibits on shipbuilding, oil drilling and pirates. Nearby, Rockport Center for the Arts has changing local art displays and a sculpture garden. Don’t forget to visit Fulton Mansion, a fully restored 19th-century home with gardens and an educational center.


virtual staging coastal style


“I love the way these Blue-Sketch Virtual Stagings bring the beach front and center of my Rockport, TX listing” says Mary Ann Sawyers. For Mary Ann, we did a total of six stagings in two different batches, including the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, sunroom and a boat launch. It was so much fun working on these photos for Mary Ann and her team.


Virtual or Traditional Home Staging

Does Home Staging pay off? Many of our recurring clients think so, and they are right. The National Association of REALTORS® Research Group did an extensive study on the impact of Home Staging. They discovered the following facts, as they surveyed sellers agents:

  • 28% of sellers’ agents said they staged all sellers’ homes prior to listing them for sale.
  • The most common room to be staged is the Living room.  93 % of respondents staged this room. Living room is followed by kitchen (84 %), master bedroom (78 %), and the dining room (72 %).
  • 17 % of respondents stated that staging a home increased the dollar value of the home between 6 and 10 %. 22 % of sellers’ agents reported an increase of 1-5% of the dollar value offered.
  • 28% of sellers’ agents stated that there were slight decreases in the time on the market when the home is staged.
  • The most common home improvement items agents recommended to sellers were de-cluttering the home (95 %), entire home cleaning (89 %), removing pets during showings (83 %), and carpet cleaning (78 %).


How Virtual Staging differs from traditional Home Staging

Now, you may argue that posting nice images of staged rooms in your listing is not the same thing as placing actual furniture in the house, and you are right. It is not. However staging your photos virtually will have the following benefits:


Receiving Virtual Staging takes 2-3 days. If your photographer is able to take photos on Monday or a Tuesday, Blue-Sketch will deliver staged photos back by Friday. You will  have a charming portfolio of photos for your listing, ready for showing on the weekend.


When you order physical staging you are bound to the sets of furniture your decorator happens to have. We have a fixed set of 6 Interior Styles for virtual staging, plus thousands of items in our library. If you didn’t like the couch we chose feel free to suggest something different. We even take brand suggestions. Blue-Sketch carries digital furniture models of Restoration Hardware, Crate&Barrel, Birch Lane, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ikea, etc. We also host many European Luxury Brands such as Eichholz, Evie, Mariani, Lombok, Oscar, and others.


Changing the interior style from Coastal to Industrial with virtual staging will only take a few days. For example, you may be showing the house to a millennial couple this week and you’d like to visualize how the place would look like in a young, urban style. The following week your clients for the same house may be an older couple with grand kids, easily stage a new set of photos to appease these buyers.


There are many estimates out there for the cost of physical staging. It naturally depends on the quality of the company you choose, size of the home, and the duration for how long the home is in the market. Home Guide estimates that “the cost of home staging can start at $500 and go as high as $5,500 with most spending between $1,600 and $2,400 per month. Prices will vary depending on the level of service you require, if your home is vacant, and how many rooms that need staging. Homeowners can expect to pay between $200 and $600 for the initial design consultation, and a per-room cost of $500 to $600 per month for décor rental”. Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging is $79.95 per photo, making a typical order of Living Room, Master Bedroom, Dining Room and Den/Sunroom total $319.80. Comparing that to $1,600-$2,400 it’s a good deal.


This may sound surprising, but your “fake” photos of staged rooms may sometimes be better than the “real” photos. This is because as we stage each photo we don’t just place furniture. First we try to enhance any technical quality for upping the dpi, resolution, file format etc. Second, we would enhance the lighting conditions in the room overall. Third, while many MLS’s restrict digital work in terms of altering walls, windows, or other fixed structure, we can certainly do allowed clean ups. Typical work includes removing smudges from floors, even out spotty walls, and smoothen any other eyesores. The end result is always a much better looking room than in the original version.


virtual staging coastal style


What does Coastal Interior Design style look like?

Coastal style is easy going but never dull or cluttered. Your room can suggest a modern or transitional foundation, the beach vibe is built with lots of sunlight, natural finishes and yacht inspired flourishes.

All tones of blue, white, natural textures, and of course, stripes, are authentic of coastal style and are utilized to create a calm and brilliantly realized space for you to be at your most relaxed in. From Caribbean gist to playful nautical themes, coastal style homes are elegant, refined, and quirky all at once.

We have staged many beautiful coastal rooms in Florida, California, New England as well as North and South Carolina. Now proudly adding Texas to the list.