Welcome to Blue-Sketch!

Blue-Sketch is proudly collaborating with We Get Around Network, helping 3D photographers succeed in the highly competitive Real Estate market. We Get Around is a pioneer in community based support, helping thousands of professionals around the world navigate through your technology and business related issues.

In 2020 every Basic, Standard, or Premium member of We Get Around Network will be receive a 10% discount on selected services.


How Blue-Sketch can help?


Photographers are often competing – not against another photographer – but against their real estate agent customer not seeing the need for professional 3D or still photographs at all. We should all help real estate agents and brokers

  1. Sell more houses
  2. Sell bigger houses
  3. Sell houses faster
  4. Sell houses with a higher margin

As stated in many of the We Get Around Forum conversations, it would be beneficial for the real estate agent to be thinking how to win over their next listing rather than just selling the one at hand.

Adding more service options to your portfolio will allow you to pass the benefit forward to your real estate agent customer. Your customer is more successful because of you, everybody wins. We should be thinking about these services as branding elements, signs of professionalism, dedication, and quality.



What does Blue-Sketch offer to the We Get Around Network members? 


Our current product offering for WGAN members includes:

Schematic 2D Floor Plans
3D Floor Plans
Virtual Staging
360 Virtual Staging (sample below)


As a Basic, Standard, or Premium member of We Get Around Network you will get a 10% discount on these four Blue-Sketch services. Also check out other relevant services on We Get Around 3rd Party Solution Provider page.


I can get these services cheaper somewhere else. Why should I use Blue-Sketch?

We aim to deliver the highest quality product with flawless customer service. For Virtual Stagings and 360 Virtual Stagings, this means we combine Professional Interior Design that follows North American trends and understand home buyer tastes, with extremely high technical photo editing capabilities. Your clients will see the difference.

For schematic floor plans, Dan Smigrod, Founder and Chief Photographer of We Get Around summarized it like this:

“I encourage you (all) to add 2D schematic floor plans to service offerings as either:

1. free with scan
2. bundled (in your bundle)
3. optional extra (high perceived value)

We Get Around will continue to use Blue-Sketch for our 2D schematic floor plans:

1. Our logo instead of Matterport’s logo (that’s huge)
2. One day turnaround instead of potentially two days
3. Petra cares and is accessible and responsive (email, voice, Skype)
4. We can name our rooms
5. We get a choice of styles (may vary by client preference)
6. If a client requests a room label change, it’s easy
7. I like working with entrepreneurs (responsive)
8. I like that we have control over the line of text we add
9. We can order both 2D and 3D at the same time
10.We can order high-end renderings (1 stop shopping)

While we are always concerned about, price, quality and service – you typically can only get two of the three. I have opted in for quality and service. The difference in cost is De minimis.”

Adding to this list, Blue-Sketch creates Floor Plans in various languages and displays both feet and inches as well as meters and centimeters.


How should I price Blue-Sketch services?


We Get Around Network has members around the world, so it’s hard to give a general number. Within the United States prices vary from state to state, too. A couple of discussions on this topic


As a rule of thumb, don’t be afraid to mark up our prices handsomely. Even 100-200% is not unheard of. You may choose to charge extra for Floor Plans or Virtual Staging, bundle it with other services, or offer them free of charge together with a scan. In either case, you can let your customer know the true market value of these services.

We offer high quality products with a fast turnaround time and are always available for quick fixes when needed. This is valuable to your customers.



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To claim your discount, see your Welcome Onboard Letter (password required) from the We Get Around Network.

For the password Contact We Get Around.

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