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Buying or renting a new home is a personal adventure. As a buyer or a seller you will want to connect with local professionals who speak your language. Many photographers and realtors are looking to stand out from the competition by adding 2D Floor Plans to their service offering.

Blue-Sketch creates 2D Floor Plans with room labels in any language. Join one of the many customers now offering Blue-Sketch Floor Plans in French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish or even Turkish.



tarsicam_example_turkish2D Floor Plan in Turkish. Colors dark grey and white, matching the customers logo brand colors. Measurements meters by meters.




2D Floor Plan in Spanish. Blue-Sketch default colors and measurements in meters with Arrow Tape Measure.




French2D Floor Plan in French. Blue-Sketch default colors and measurements in square meters.



finsweA bilingual 2D Floor Plan in Finnish and Swedish. Taupe floors, measurements in meters placed on the outside.


For details please email sales (at) blue-sketch.com or call +1 (917) 291 2533.

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