Virtual Tours are an integrated part of a successful real estate marketing package. The term is somewhat ambivalent, but here at Blue-Sketch we define it the ability to interactively walk from room to room. Hence, video and 360 images alone are not Virtual Tours.

We’ve worked with the pioneer in this industry, Matterport, for a few years now. Matterport has been the only non-proprietary provider that has allowed us to offer 2D and 3D Floor Plans created on their platform.

Today, we are excited to add a new platform to our offering, Cupix.


Cupix Virtual Tour by We Get Around. Read more on this project here.


What is Cupix?

Just as Matterport, the Cupix 3D experience builds on a collection of 360 photos shot inside rooms. Cupix software stitches those 360 panorama photos into a point cloud. A point cloud is a digital 3D model of the house. Once the 3D model is created, the photographer can do lots of interesting things with it.


2D Floor Plan created by Blue-Sketch from the Cupix tour above. Floor Plan can be used embedded in tour or standalone jpg or pdf file.


Floor Plans

As the 3D model contains measurement data, it’s possible for Blue-Sketch to create a floor plan for the house. This is not possible to do if you have the 360 panorama photos alone without the 3D model. That’s the beautiful genius of Cupix.

If you need a Floor Plan created for a house, you can take any 360 camera, such as the Ricoh Theta ($399.99 in Best Buy), sign up to Cupix and create a 3D model. Share your model with Blue-Sketch and we will create the Floor Plan you need.

The 2D Floor Plan file can be used on its own, upload to MLS together with photos, or as an embedded interactive guide map inside the Cupix Virtual Tour. The interactive floor plan will show where you are walking in the building, just like the samples on this page.


3D Objects

With Cupix, you can add digital 3D objects inside your Virtual Tour. You may want to add informational icon pins, written signs, or photo frames. The photo frame could even be a video, giving additional interaction to your tour. There’s a Box function that allows you to highlight a rectangular area and display its dimensions.

Hotspot objects are stylish icons that can link to your phone number, website, or any page in the internet for additional information. Check out samples of 3D objects on the We Get Around tour above, and  Cupix website.


Cupix Virtual Tour by Sold in a Snap Photography.



Default Cupix tours have Cupix branding, as you can see on this page. However if you want to brand your tours, Cupix offers many ways to do this. For example, you can custom the Logo Imge, and Watermark you see on the screen. In addition, the “Nadir” picture that you see at your feet as you walk inside the tour can be branded. Cupix allows a full branding of the url as well.

Blue-Sketch deliverables are always white labeled, so you can integrate them into your tour without forcing your clients to stare at the floor plan providers logo as they consider buying a new home.


Share and proliferate

Depending on which pack the photographer signed up to, viewers of Cupix Virtual Tours can measure distances between objects inside the tour, add 3D objects, publish to Google Street View, create a pre-recorded video, brand and personalize links and tours, and much more. All of these features will help engage more people and make Cupix tours fun to share in social media.


Cupix Virtual Tour by Sold in a Snap Photography.


Why Cupix

While there are many other Virtual Tour platforms out there, Cupix is the only one that lets you use any camera, and allows an open interface for 3rd party providers to offer Floor Plan and other deliverables that complement your tour.

We’ve been following the use of 3D cameras in real estate for years, and noticed a recurring theme over and over again: When a photographer buys a new technology equipment they have the first movers advantage in their location. However as the competition catches up, soon every photographer is offering the exact same package (the package that comes from their camera provider), and need to start competing by lowering their price.

Instead, if you work with open platforms such as Cupix, you will be able to differentiate your offering with various 3rd party solutions such as Blue-Sketch, and add more value.


What Blue-sketch can do

In addition to creating the standard 2D Floor Plan that you can use as a standalone pdf or jpg file, or a integrated interactive floor plan, the point cloud file allows us to render 3D Floor Plan files. 3D Floor Plans are still .jpg images of a house – or often a new construction or a renovation site – that show the future house from different angles.

We can also create hyper-realistic CGI renderings that are often used to market luxury real estate.

If you brought your DSLR camera to the site, let us edit and furnish empty rooms to make them more sellable. We can delivery any .jpg image with tags for added value.

Get in touch to see how we can differentiate you in your market.