What makes Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging so much better?


Design with a Palette, choose furniture to match its surroundings.


Professional Interior Designers

Our designers are just that, professional Interior Designers and Architects. Many low cost staging services are created by real estate marketing professionals, technical staff or business people. These are all important skills, but being a professional around Interior Design does not make one a professional in Interior Design.

When staging a room, we always look at the existing style indicators such as doors, windows, fireplace, door knobs, possible ceiling lights, moldings, etc. While the main purpose is to design around a taste that appeals to the majority of potential home buyers in that area and price point, we also make sure the furniture in the room matches with its surroundings for a cohesive, appealing look and feel.




Create Furniture Sets that speak to the target demography.


Customized Staging options

As highlighted in the case with Drewlo Holdings, we create unique Furniture Libraries for our Luxury Real Estate clients. Just like many physical staging companies have just 2-5 different style combination, we can create 2-5 different Virtual Furniture Collections that are rotated in our clients projects. The Collections may be themed by styles (for example Traditional, Modern, Transitional), by color (for example Earth Tones, Bright and Brisky, or Classic Bourgeois), or by Furniture Designers (for example Restoration Hardware, West Elm, or Crate&Barrel).



No compromise in Technical Quality. Maintain life-like shadows, reflections, and surfaces.


Superior Technical Talent

Virtual Staging means imposing 3D furniture on top of an existing photo of an empty room. There’s a lot of technical work that goes into making a beautiful Virtual Staging photo. First, the background photo should be large enough so it can be edited if needed. Possible edits may include color correction, clearing out unwanted items such as wires, spots, or small objects, or adjusting the horizontal line.

Next, the 3D objects are placed in correct size and position in relation to the background, and in relation to each other. Each object needs to have their shadows landing in correct direction in the correct strength, surfaces to be as matte or shiny as needed, and reflections in the mirrors to reflect the correct view. The color saturation needs to be identical with the background so that the furniture looks natural in the room.

Finally, post-processing the image makes it all come together. The photo will need to have enough light and color to sell the house, but also blend in with the rest of the photos. When uploading both staged and un-staged photos to your MLS you want them all look like they were taken in the same photo-shoot. That’s talented photo editing.


Superior post-processing ensures the Furniture sinks into the background as if it was always there.


Award-Winning Customer Service

Finally, having a business partner that keeps your best interest in mind is valuable. Blue-Sketch was founded on the idea to grow together with our designers and clients. We want your business to succeed so we can be successful together. That’s why, for example, all Blue-Sketch files come unbranded or with your brand. We’re proud to have won Best of Houzz in Customer Service both 2017 and 2018 based on feedback from our clients.

We are thrilled to be working with longstanding customers, helping them improve existing services and launch new ones. We love to be evolving with you.